Battling Bees with Horse Poop?

David Sanderson Around the World

beeeYou read that correctly. The New York Police Department used horse poop to protect the city of Bruswick from a swarm of bees! Here’s the full story:

Detective Anthony “Tony Bees” Planakis vacuumed up the 12,000 insects out of a tree and transported them to a hive in Queens, reported DNAinfo. Mr. Planakis said he arrived just before they would have begun stinging passersby.

To prevent future swarms from returning to old the gathering spot, Mr. Planakis smoked the spot out with horse manure to mask the bees’ previous scent.

“You can’t get a better smoke than horse manure,” he told DNAinfo. No bees were harmed in the capture of the swarm.

We are pretty sure the scent of manure is going to keep more than the bees away from that spot, Mr. Planakis.