Beat the Heat at Dallas Equestrian Center

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Summer is right around the corner at Dallas Equestrian Center and our guests need the proper treatment. If this is your first year with a horse, here are a few things to expect as you maintain a happy horse this summer!

Summer is the time to get your horse conditioned for extra long rides and enjoy the sunshine. But as temperatures get unbearable for you, think about your pal. Horses are at risks for heat stroke, dehydration and other health problems related with hot weather conditions. And at Dallas Equestrian Center, we have solutions to help out hot horses.

Too Hot to Trot

Horses and humans have something in common- both rely on sweating to keep your body cool. So when you notice the neck line “pumping”, beads of sweat are evaporating instantaneously to cool their blood trotting in their veins along the surface of their skin. So if you are worried that your riding buddy is getting to hot, consider riding later in the day, or lowering the intensity of your workout.

Did You Know

Racehorses running at a full gallop can lose as much as two-and-a-half gallons of sweat in less than two minutes. That’s a lot of sweat! Be sure to keep your horse hydrated, especially during competitions. Competitions are rarely cancelled due to the heat, so replenish the fluids lost, or he will steadily dehydrate.

The Cool Equestrian

Attempt these practices to maintain a healthy-you as well!

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Schedule riding times in the morning or evening hours
  • Soak a bandana in water and tie to around your neck
  • Wear hats to keep the rays from burning your scalp

Cool Off

To get your horses’ body temp to cool down, you can speed the process by taking him to a shaded area, hose his entire body with cold water- Cold water doesn’t harm your horse. Jonathan Foreman, DVM, University of Illinois, states “if you put nearly freezing water in large volumes all over the exercising muscles of the horse, you can draw a lot of heat out of the muscles and horse will not tie up afterward.” So give your horse a shower after a rough ride, he will be happy you did!

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