Horse Receives Water Therapy for Recovery

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At 2 High Dollar Ranch in Greenfield, up to 20 horses a day are being rehabilitated and trained using a treadmill inside a pool of water. The owner, Sherry Sunden, works 12 to 17 hours a day, seven days a week offering a form of rehabilitation that’s new to Indiana.

World’s Best Horse Treks

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Last year was the year of the horse! How awesome would it be to spend some time at an equine-themed destination? CNN, posted a list of some of the most sought-after horse treks in 2014. To see the full article with all 15 destinations, click here, but we’ve listed a few of the spots below!

Cars that were named after Horses

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It’s no surprise that some of the great pioneers of automobiles in the US had a great appreciation for horses. In fact, some cars were named after these majestic animals! Ever wonder why they call it “horsepower”? One of these cars is still in production today. We’d be willing to bet that you can guess which one that is.

New York carriage horse OK after falling over

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In case you missed the news, a carriage horse took a tumble Wednesday, but was in good shape the next day. The 15-year-old draft horse didn’t suffer a scratch in the Wednesday mishap on E. 59th St. at Fifth Ave – next to Central Park. Carriage drivers and animal rights activists offered different takes on what prompted Spartacus to go …

Giant ‘Kelpies’ Horse Head Sculptures in Scotland

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There’s nothing cooler than stainless steel horse heads. Read a little bit about this masterpiece that is just about finished. Currently in the last stages of construction after nearly 7 years of development, the Kelpies are a pair of gargantuan horse heads by public artist Andy Scott that now tower over the Forth & Clyde canal in Falkirk, Scotland. The …

Graffiti Artist Paints Horses with Night-Vision Goggles

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On the nineth day of his month-long series on the streets of New York City, graffiti artist Banksy has gone dark with a depiction of a shootout between armed men and hi-tech horses wearing night-vision goggles. Weird – but very interesting to look at.