Halloween Costumes for Horses

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Here’s proof that horses can get into the Halloween spirit too! We decided to share a few or our favorite costumes from Pinterest, and here’s the link in case you want to look at more! Short-necked Giraffe Dragon Spider Scuba Horse

Zebra and Horse – A bit similar?

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It’s hard to ignore how similar zebras are in comparison to horses. They’re actually both from the same species family and genus, however, you can only find the Zebra in Africa. The most obvious difference are the Zebra’s black and white stripes Aside from location and stripes, but there are many more factors that may set them apart.

The Reason Horses Sleep Standing Up

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It does seem a bit silly how horses can sleep standing up. But there’s a great reason for it. By nature, horses are prey animals – which means they are usually being hunted in the wild. Horses have straight backs, so they can’t get up quickly. If a predator gets close to a sleeping horse while it’s lying down, the …

A Horse’s Sense of Smell

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Like most animals, horses have an acute sense of smell that they regularly employ to provide them with information on what is going on around them. Horses use their sense of smell in a number of different and important ways. Nature equipped horses with a strong olfactory sense that can tell the animal whether a predator is near. All it …

What is a Zorse? And other horse hybrids.

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A zorse is the offspring of a zebra stallion and a horse mare. It is a zebroid: this term refers to any hybrid equine with zebra ancestry.The zorse is shaped more like a horse than a zebra, but has boldly striped legs and, often, stripes on the body or neck. So what are some other horse hybrids?