Halloween Costumes for Horses

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Here’s proof that horses can get into the Halloween spirit too! We decided to share a few or our favorite costumes from Pinterest, and here’s the link in case you want to look at more! Short-necked Giraffe Dragon Spider Scuba Horse

Video Throwback: A Racehorse named ARRRR!

David Sanderson Horses Gone Viral

We found this video on Youtube and just HAD to share it! First off – who names a race horse “Arrrrr” – a pirate maybe? This clip is taken from an actual horse race and LOVE the way he pronounces the name – and better yet … how does Arrrrr! finish? You’ll have to watch to find out!   Make …

Cute Little Girl Leading Horse

David Sanderson Horses Gone Viral

This little girl went viral this week! We love how she pronounces the horse’s name (Cinnamon). The horse is now used at a camp for children with cancer, the Nighthawk Ranch in Guffey, Colorado.

Horse & Puppy Superbowl Ad Goes Viral!

David Sanderson Horses Gone Viral

Released a bit early, this Superbowl ad has won over millions of YouTube viewers already. It’s a cute little story about a puppy who simply will not be separated from a new friend – a horse.

Horse Tail Lights?

David Sanderson Horses Gone Viral

There’s a horse-related Kickstarter project that all horse owners should know about! Tail Lights are a revolutionary LED lighting system for horses that uses color, and style, to keep horses and rider visible during any type of weather or lighting levels.