Horse Birthday Party Ideas!

David Sanderson All About Horses

Is your lil’ Westerner in love with horses? How about for their next birthday party, you roundup all his/or hers friends to celebrate like the Old West with a horse birthday party theme!


Here is all you need to get the party started!

Horse cupcakes!

Horses are not that easy to master into a cake. But, cupcakes are!  Cupcakes are the perfect serving size for your guests and the time put in will surprise your favorite horse lover! Be as creative and original as you want to! Here’s some inspiration to get started!


Hay is for horses! For more of a barnyard feel and fun seating, grab some hay! The atmosphere will smell like you are truly part of the Old West! And, it’s adorable!

Have the kids’ saddle up for a ride on their own horse! It’s not a party in the Old West without some horses! Stock up on horse stick ponies for the little ones. They will want to ride around all afternoon!


Before the cowboys ride off into the sunset, give them a little keepsake! Horseshoes can be found at craft stores along with name tags to personalize!