Horse Rider Starts a 700-mile Expedition for Hope

David Sanderson Around the World

trail2Counselor and avid horse rider Megan Du Be’ is kicking off a 700 mile expedition this week all in the name of hope. Du be’ started her organization the Buffalo Moon Expedition five years ago and uses each ride as a form of outreach. This week she will start her longest one yet.


It helps people celebrate life, its not all about the negativity, my organization we obviously have hope,” said Du Be’.Saturday Du Be’ and her horse Jazzy will begin their journey northeast to Shelbyville, Tennessee reaching out to victims of violence along the way. On their journey Du Be’ and Jazzy will spend about four hours on the road each day and depend on the kindness of strangers to make it through their 145 day expedition.”

Du be’ has a master’s degree in psychology and education but retired to have more time to spread hope to those who’ve lost it. “We’re going unconventional, we’re going to give back to the world and we’re going to do it out of the system and we’re going to help people just to help people,” said Du Be’.

Du Be’ says her trip will take about 145 days but isn’t in a hurry because she’s more concerned about the lives she’ll impact along the way. “There’s going to be someone out there who’s always going to care and always going to be able to help you change your life,”said Du Be’.