Horseplay: Proper Equestrian Etiquette

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Imagine you arrived at the barn with saddle in hand and you discover that your horse is missing. You panic! Only, you find out that a new rider has borrowed the rose for a drive. Or you are out in the arena and slow riders are in the fast track.

Riding is can be fun and safe, so know the proper equestrian etiquette before you saddle up!

Approach. Before approaching any horse, ask permission of owner or rider to have a spin before you saddle up. Another thing to always remember is you approach your horse from the front or from the side, never the back. Horses can kick and cause serious injury and even death, so be careful!

Walk your horse around a new area before you intend to ride. This is a good idea in case someone dropped something; help avoid hazards and holes in the ground.

Always check the fit of your girth, stirrups and all equipment before you ride.

Listen to your marshal. Never argue, and do as directed. When a marshal calls “HOLD”, halt as quickly, and safely as you can.

When riding in a group, person’s on-foot has the right of way. Also, wait until the last person is mounted before starting to ride.  Riders should try to ride in the same direction. If it’s not possible then the left shoulder to left shoulder rule should apply.

Slow on the Inside, Fast on the Outside. Slower riders/Beginners should ride the track on the inside and let faster pace riders stay on the outside track.

Announce your intentions to other riders. “Passing on your left”. “Jumping fence 2”.

Mount out of the way. Mount and dismount out of the way to avoid accidents.

Read our Barn Rules before entering the arena.