Horses in the Guinness Book of Records: 2013

David Sanderson All About Horses


Guess what?! Guinness has announced the newest world record holders, and below is just a sampling of the equine-related world records. We’d like to extend our congratulations to all of the record holders!

World’s Tallest Donkey

“Sam” is owned by Linda Davis in Watsonville, Calif., and has officially measured at 15.3 hands–a full 11 inches taller than her breed standard.

Taff & Griff – World’s Oldest Horse Twins

These identical Cremello geldings were born in 1982 and are owned by the Veteran Horse Society in Cardigan, North Pembrokeshire, U.K., where they retired together after giving pony rides at the London Zoo. They both stand 11.2 hands.

The Green Monkey – Most Expensive Horse Sold at Auction

In February 2006 a 2-year-old bay Thoroughbred colt by Forestry, named The Green Monkey, was sold at sale for 2-year-olds in training held at Calder Race Course in Florida for $16 million. Not a bad turn-around considering that a year earlier he was purchased for only $425,000 as a yearling.

JJS Summer Breeze – Longest Tail on a Horse

This registered Paint mare was rocking a tail that (officially) measured 12 feet six inches when she was measured in August 2007.

Doc – Longest Distance Walked by a Horse on Hind Legs

Owner Gregory Ancelotti of Italy rode Doc to the record of 30 meters (95 feet 5 inches) in April 2009. I wish I had video to share with you!