Leonardo da Vinci loved horses

David Sanderson Horses in History

History shows us that Leonardo da Vinci seemed to have been a big fan of horses, and even his rough sketches possess an almost magical lifelike quality, both in their detail and in their perspective.

Even though Leonardo was known for his portrait painting ability, it seems he was able to capture his subjects regardless of what type of animal they were. I actually appreciate some of these informal sketches more than his popular pieces. They give us a glimpse into his character, simply because he enjoyed the challenge of drawing horses and found them subjects worthy of his doodles.

Example of Leo’s horse doodles

Horse Anatomy

(looks like he was mathematical in this drawing)

Rider on a Rearing Horse Trampling a Fallen Foe (Ouch!)

Awesome shading of a horse

The Fall of Phaeton (Mythology)