How to make a Lunge Line

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So you might be asking yourself – What on earth is a lunge line? Well, it’s a rope-like piece of equipment, usually 20 feet or longer in length, attached to the halter (picture below) of a horse to provide control while lungeing. Lungeing is a common practice that handlers do routinely to exercise a horse in a circle.

The lunge line attaches to the halter

The picture of the left shows a halter. The lunge line will attach to this piece of equipment. Lunge lines are sold at any horse supply retailer but some people make not like the conventional lungelines (sometimes called driving lines), so if you want to make your own, it’s a great idea! Some people prefer the feel of rope in my hands because it’s easier to grip and control. For this project, we are using 25 feet.

Materials Needed

Materials Needed – per a lunge line (need two of each to make driving lines)
Rope Clamp
Snap, I use a 1/2″ one with a 5/8″-1″ openining
25′ of 5/8″ rope (same size as for leadropes)

Cut your rope to length and melt the ends. Then slide your snap on the end and clamp the rope clamp on. You will need a pliers or something to tighten the rope clap, but it should go on pretty easy. Just make sure it is really tight so that if the horse was to put tension on the rop it is sturdy and will not come undone.

As you can see in the photo, we put one knot on the end of the rope, the reason we do this is so that when you are lunging, you can change the placement of your hands on the rope without accidentially slipping right through – the knot is a warning that you are at the end of the rope.