Medieval Horse Breeds

David Sanderson Horses in History

In the Dark Ages, horses were used for transportation, farming and warfare. The most expensive and well-bred medieval horse breed were called Destriers. Theses highly trained Destriers appealed to by noble lords and knights due to the fact they were taller, were one solid color and were extremely beneficial during battles. These horses were extremely expensive, and rare.

Palfrey’s (aka Jennets) were the “everyday horse” of a knight. This breed was shorter and longer. Noble women would ride the Palfrey because of its smooth step for travel.

The Courser was the fastest horse in the Middle Ages. Unlike the destrier and palfrey, this horse was a messenger horse and was sometimes used by kings to due to their speed. However, this breed was poorly trained and did cost significantly less than the destrier and palfrey.

Rouncy horses were used to carry heavy loads on farmlands. It was a horse of the lower class. Rouncy horses had perfect endurance but were poorly trained.

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