Moonwalking Pony is a Viral Hit!

David Sanderson Horses Gone Viral

moonA Shetland pony that seems to have mastered the famous disco skills of Michael Jackson has moon-walked across the picturesque Scottish highlands, through the screen and into the hearts of Youtube viewers.

The 60 second commercial sees the dancing horse impress other ponies and almost tumble off a cliff, before hiding his moves from a local farmer, with the slogan ‘Silly stuff. It matters.’

The pony was chosen from hundreds of others but the hard work was only just beginning for Socks as he began training and underwent a makeover for the advert. Norwegian stylist Bjorn Larsen, 48, used horse hair extensions and hairspray to transform Socks into “a cross between a young Rod Stewart and Limahl”. The crew filmed for a week in and around Shetland to produce the minute-long clip.

And here it is: