Why are seahorses shaped liked horses?

David Sanderson All About Horses


Ever wonder why seahorses have a head that is shaped like a horse’s head? No? Well we do. Is it a coincidence? Or is there some science behind it? We’ve got the answer for you.

According to experts, the seahorse head’s shape helps the fish stealthily ambush prey. Seahorses are unique among fish for having bent necks and long-snouted heads that make them resemble horses. The overall shape of their body, including the lack of a tail fin, helps make them “one of the slowest swimmers on the planet,” said Brad Gemmell, a marine biologist at the University of Texas at Austin. “They don’t swim very much — they tend to anchor themselves to surfaces like seagrass with their prehensile tails.”

So, it’s clear that the horses at Dallas Equestrian Center Academy are much faster than any seahorse. But, I have yet to see a horse swim underwater like these little guys.