The Equestrian Bride

David Sanderson All About Horses

Here comes the equestrian bride! Planning a wedding and want a grand entrance? If you are having an outdoor wedding, why not arrive on a beautiful horse?

Whether you’re planning a picture perfect fairytale wedding, or opting for something unexpected, here ‘s a bit of inspiration to have a wedding like a princess.

Here is an adorable bride trotting in style before her walk down the aisle!

Okay, maybe you don’t want to arrive on a horse, but what if you had your bridal portraits on one! You can’t decide to have a country-themed wedding without a horse! Here are some beautiful portraits. And yes, you can have your dress cleaned by the dress shop before you say, “I do.”

Save it for the wedding

You can also opt to have a horse for your wedding pictures! As you can already tell, horses are beautiful props that add character to your wedding day. Make it meaningful by taking pictures of the horse you ride with now next to your partner. It’s a special way to bring everyone together, horse and beau. And you three can ride off into a wonderful marriage and live happily ever after! 

Want to inquire about taking Equestrian Bridal portraits?  Contact our head, for more information!

Do you have any wedding pictures or bridal portraits with horses? Share them with us in the comments!