The Horse of a Different Color

David Sanderson Horses in History

Have you ever sat down and watched the Wizard of Oz and wondered how they actually made The Horse of a Different Color? It’s quite fascinating.


How They Did It

To make The Horse of a Different Color, they had to get creative. It was quite the challenge – a tasty one at that! The Wizard of Oz filmmakers used a white horse and sponged it down with different colors of Jell-O crystals. They had a hard time filming the scenes before the horse of a different color would start licking it off!

This is Funny

Watch the scene for yourself and notice how the driver tries hard to restrain the horse from trying to lick the sugar coat from itself!

The Horse of a Different Color changes 6 colors: Green, blue, orange, red, yellow and violet. Now we have horses of different colors at Dallas Equestrian Center Center, but not like the one from Oz.

We love our horses at Dallas Equestrian Center Center in Dallas, Texas and hope to see you very soon!