Daryle Gibbs Bio

I’m the founder/owner of Pathfindr Equus Coaching and a Master Certified Equus Coach Facilitator in training, Executive Coach & Mentor.  I blend my experience of a 20-year corporate career in holding various Director and Vice President roles and leading product development teams and working in areas of design thinking, emotional intelligence and innovation. In the fall of 2016, I was honored to be able to experience an all day private Equus Coaching session with Koelle Simpson and 6 horses that was extremely transformative and nothing short of magic. I came away from the session with profound new insights that inspired me to dive deeper into my own life and to make changes in areas that were not aligned with my values of honesty and integrity. I left my corporate job to apprentice full time with Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching. Today, I’m privileged to work out of the Dallas Equestrian Center developing innovative and custom created workshop programs for corporate clients and individuals. You could say that I’ve found my passion and purpose. I now blend all of the things I am passionate about into a company called Pathfindr, which allows me to work with horses as a co-facilitator and help individuals and corporate teams lead with authenticity, creativity, emotional intelligence and mindfulness.  I am in awe of how transformative the work with horses can be and how they can lead us to a place of self-awareness, grounded confidence and the inner wisdom of trusting oneself. My hope is to continue to serve others on their own path of expansion, healing, transformation and to also help others experience the healing power of horses.

I hold a BS in Psychology from Georgia State University and I’ve completed leadership-training programs at The Center For Creative Leadership. I’ve attended many experiential programs and workshops in the area of leadership, creativity, innovation, emotional intelligence and mindfulness at Omega Institute, Esalen Institute and 1440 Multiversity.

I work around the world offering workshops, private Equus Coaching sessions and retreats annually in Tuscany, Italy and Bali, Indonesia.

Please reach out to collaborate, contact me for workshop or coaching details or to just say hello at Daryle@pathfindrcoaching.com.

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