Zebra and Horse – A bit similar?

David Sanderson All About Horses

It’s hard to ignore how similar zebras are in comparison to horses. They’re actually both from the same species family and genus, however, you can only find the Zebra in Africa. The most obvious difference are the Zebra’s black and white stripes Aside from location and stripes, but there are many more factors that may set them apart.

Size and Build

Horses are generally larger than zebras. Zebras range in height from about 1.2 to 1.5 meters, whereas a horse can generally grow to about 1.8 meters. In terms of build, zebras more closely resemble donkeys than horses in conformation. Their ears are long like a donkey’s.

Mane, Muzzle, & Tail hairs

Horses have a more prominent mane compared to zebras. Zebra manes usually grow very short so they never have a chance to fall to one side. In addition, a horses tail hairs originate from the base of its tail, but a zebra’s tail hairs originate from the distal half of the tail. The colour of muzzle is always black in zebras, while it is can be either pink, or brown, or black in horses.


Horses are easier to train and well domesticated, whereas zebras are very hard to train and less domesticated. Even feral horses that have spent years living on the range can be domesticated if given a patient and forgiving trainer. But, outside of a few instances using questionable training methods, zebras will not have anything to do with pulling a carriage or letting someone ride them.